Songs to Sing in Swimming Lessons

Sing your Favourite Music Class Songs at Swimming Lessons

Love singing your favourite baby and toddler music class songs all day long? The songs you sing in your music class can be used in any context! Taking your baby or toddler to swimming lessons? Try singing some of these classic music class songs while having fun water play at baby and toddler swimming lessons with your child.

Mom and baby are happy singing together

Have fun singing songs with your baby!

Wheels on the Bus and Water Play Time

Have fun water play while you sing this song during baby and toddler swimming lessons. First, gently bob up and down with your baby. While holding your baby in a position so that he can look at you, do actions for each of the verses. For example, for wiper on the bus move together from side to side, for the windows on the bus do a little bob up and down and for horn on the bus, gently slap the water.

Down by the Station and Swimming Lessons 

If your child has started swimming on their own, then have then slowly follow you and remain remain within arm’s reach of their children for safety. While moving through the pool together sing the song. Every time you get to “toot toot” in the lyrics, blow underwater. 

Hokey Pokey and Group Swimming Lessons

Who doesn’t love to do the hockey pokey? We have a blast with this song in your music class. This ideal group song is great when taking baby and toddler swimming lessons with a group. In the shallow end, parents stand in a circle holding their children and start singing. Do the fun actions together, guiding your child.  

If You’re Happy and You Know It during Swim Time

While holding your baby or toddler, sing this classic. Parents can help their children with the actions if needed.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat is Super Fun Swim Actions

This fantastic action song is super fun to sing in music class and at swimming lessons. When in the pool, parents can help their baby or toddler to glide through the water or move directions from left to right.  

It’s Great to Sing any Time of Day!

There’s always an opportunity to make music together with your child. Your baby or toddler music class is a fantastic place to bond with your baby and enrich your toddler’s life. It’s also a place where you can have fun together and learn a repertoire of songs that can be used in any context. Singing during swimming lessons is a great way to reinforce and remember all the fun tunes. Create your own actions and pick other favourite tunes and have a splashing good time singing together.

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