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About Rainbow Songs Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers and 2 – 4 year olds
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Make music, make friends, have fun!

Did you know that all children are musical? Did you know that all children are open to learning through music? Infants and toddlers are learning and developing all the time! And music is a great way to watch your child grow and have fun! Whether it’s repeating simple words back to Mom or Dad, making up silly rhymes, jumping to a beat, dancing to a silly song, children are already open and excited by music. Rainbow Songs early childhood music classes in Toronto are the first steps in fun and learning.

Included in our curriculum are finger play, sign language, repeat after me songs, fine motor and gross motor actions, tickling tunes and more.

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The Rainbow Songs Curriculum
Music Class for Babies

Our baby classes for infants 0 – 12 months will include fun action songs, beautiful lullabies, an introduction to sign language, silly songs with simple rhythms and more! Have a great time bonding with your infant while your child develops language, pattern cognitive, physical fine and gross motor skills. Find out more about our baby music class.

Toddler Music Class for 1 – 2 year olds

During the toddler music classes for children 1-2 years old our music classes will expand on the fun and learning that takes place in the baby class. Body awareness, word play, songs with movement, music patterns are some of the fun activities. You and your child will have a great time in these music and movement classes while developing skills too!  Learn more about our toddler music class for 1 – 2 year olds.

Toddler Music Class for 2 – 4 year olds

Your 2-4 year old toddler has started developing language and motor skills. The Rainbow Songs music class curriculum helps support your child’s continued growth. Children are now ready to understand spatial concepts, how words are put together and repeat simple patterns. Singing words to songs, participating in fun action activities and playing simple rhythms on instruments all help in your child’s development. You and your child will have such a great time together during our music classes! Read about our music class toddler music class for 2-4 year olds.

Why Rainbow Songs Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers

The Rainbow Songs highly trained and professional teachers will support your child’s growth and development while you have fun making music and making friends. Rainbow Songs classes provide an opportunity for you and your child to grow together in so many ways. We run participatory music classes in Toronto for everyone –  mommy and me, daddy and me, grandparent and me! Give your little one the greatest gift of all: quality time together in a nurturing, loving, and musical environment.

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Ready for fun? Here’s 10 reasons to sing with Rainbow Songs:
  • Sing old favourites and catchy Rainbow Songs originals
  • Play! Make music, make friends, have fun. Rock out!
  • Learn with fantastic teachers who have all graduated from the Rainbow Songs teacher training program
  • Explore new instruments from around the world
  • Learn sign language to aid in the learning of song lyrics and further enhance communication skills
  • Build social skills such as taking turns, sharing and singing together
  • Learn percussion, melody, rhythm, beat and other musical concepts
  • Share music and fun as a family
  • Build a foundation for math and language skills while singing and dancing
  • Enjoy special theme weeks that highlight fun songs such as Animal Week, Earth Week and Halloween

Rainbow Songs classes provide an opportunity for you and your child to grow together in so many ways. Fun music classes for everyone –  mommy and me, daddy and me, grandparent and me! Give you and your little one the greatest gift of all – the gift of quality time together in a nurturing, loving, and musical environment.

Learn more about the Rainbow Songs methodology and approach to learning music.

Caregiver Participation

The participation of parents and all caregivers (Mom, Dad, grandparents, and nannies) in Rainbow Songs programs is key to the success of our classes. The more you take part in the music making, the more your child will get out of it. Children learn by imitation, so when they see you sing and play musical instruments they will try to do the same. The practice of making music together should not end in the classroom. Musical fun and learning will only get better as you sing and make music with your child outside of class. This is an opportunity for you and your child to grow together musically.

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What you will learn in a Rainbow Songs music class

You will receive simple instruction in the correct techniques for playing instruments. Easy demonstrations are shown to children and adults together. You will learn to play bongos, tambourines, clave sticks, maracas, drums, and other instruments. Then you can pass this accomplishment on to your children by teaching them. You and your children can practice making music as a family for years to come. Songs are taught with hand gestures and movements to reinforce the learning process. The actions that go along with the songs help children to learn the words more quickly because they involve the whole body in the music. When you do “the motions” of the songs, sing, and play the instruments, it makes the experience much more engaging and fun for your children.

Enrollment Bonus – Free Rainbow Songs CD

Enroll in a music class before the session starts or within the first three weeks of the session and receive a FREE CD! Choose from one of 7 award-winning CDs. All CDs reinforce and support the songs learned in music class. Sing Rainbow Songs classics, familiar tunes too or have fun with new songs that both you and your baby or toddler will enjoy!

Signed up for class after the first three weeks of session? Want to get a CD for a gift? You can purchase a Rainbow Songs CD at our online shop.

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