Give the Gift of Music This Holiday Season: Toronto Gift Giving Guide to Music

The Ultimate List of Musical Presents & Experiences for Children and Families in Toronto

Holiday season is almost here! It’s the time of year when families get together and share their love of the holidays. It’s also a time for gift giving and sharing. Here’s a great list of musical gifts and experiences to give to your child. 

children playing drums

children have fun playing drums


Looking to sing and make music together at home? Pick up some child friendly instruments, create a family band and have a great time singing together/1  Some great choices are maracitas, castanets, shakers. You can find some at the Rainbow Songs shop.

purple maracas

purple maracas

Music classes Near Me

Things are great gifts and so are experiences! Looking for a great way to get out of the house and meet new moms near you? Wanting to enrich your child and have a great time yourself?   Give the gift of music classes! When searching for music classes near me you will certainly find a our classes! Rainbow Songs baby and toddler music classes are a super fun, engaging and rockin’ good time. With 20 Toronto locations, there’s sure to be classes near you.


Songs to Sing in Swimming Lessons

Sing your Favourite Music Class Songs at Swimming Lessons

Love singing your favourite baby and toddler music class songs all day long? The songs you sing in your music class can be used in any context! Taking your baby or toddler to swimming lessons? Try singing some of these classic music class songs while having fun water play at baby and toddler swimming lessons with your child.

Mom and baby are happy singing together

Have fun singing songs with your baby!

Wheels on the Bus and Water Play Time

Have fun water play while you sing this song during baby and toddler swimming lessons. First, gently bob up and down with your baby. While holding your baby in a position so that he can look at you, do actions for each of the verses. For example, for wiper on the bus move together from side to side, for the windows on the bus do a little bob up and down and for horn on the bus, gently slap the water.


Great Baby and Toddler Activity | Animal Week Sing-a-Long

Animal Week at Rainbow Songs is Coming! Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh my! 

We’re halfway through the Fall term at Rainbow Songs – which means it’s nearly time for ANIMAL WEEK! Come sing songs about your favourite furry creatures with us – from Nov 18 to 23. And it is also a time where you can DRESS UP! Adults and children alike are encouraged to wear animal costumes and to bring their beloved stuffies to class. (If you don’t have an animal costume we’ll have some to share including great animal hats, masks and more.

In class, we’ll be singing along to music class songs like Elephants Have Wrinkles. This fantastic tune incorporates actions to help you have fun together with your child, while simultaneously building language and social skills.  (more…)