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Rainbow Songs Music Classes are fun at any age!

Find the best Toronto music classes for you and your child at Rainbow Songs! Bond with your infant as you sing songs in our baby music programs. Explore and play with your 1-2 year old while singing together in our music classes for toddlers. Encourage your 2-4 year old child’s natural love of music and play in our fun and active music programs for young children. Our musical instrument jam sessions are epic! Let out your inner Rock Star!

The best age to start making music with your little is now! Enroll in a Rainbow Songs course today.

Baby Music Classes (under 1 year old)

baby music class in Toronto

Make music, make friends, have fun!

Sing along with these fun songs and activities geared towards the growth and development of your baby. Our mommy and me music and movement classes help you bond with your baby while making new friends too!

Toronto Baby Music Classes:
  • Bond with your baby and form friendships with other class participants in a loving, nurturing and musical setting
  • Sing playful songs, lovely lullabies, silly lap rhymes, tickling tunes and more!
  • Become well versed in familiar and new songs too!
  • Enrich your baby’s cognitive development through repetition of words, and patterns
  • Teach your baby the basic building blocks of language learning through ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Learn a repertoire of musical activities that you can explore and engage in with your baby throughout the week
  • Sing songs at home with the support of our “Oh Baby” Cd and lyric sheets

Parents and children alike love our music classes for babies! Sing with us today!

Toddler music classes (1-2 years)

Explore and play with your 1-2 year old while making music together in our toddler music programs. Our early childhood music classes will get you and your child rocking, rolling, tapping, clapping, and moving to the beat in no time!

Toronto Toddler Music Classes:
  • Fun songs, activities and movement games that teach your toddler how to identify body parts, colours, and animal sounds
  • Introduce musical terminology and practice skills like melody, pitch, beat and rhythm
  • Improve your child’s language and cognitive development
  • Develop hand-eye coordination e.g. explore new instruments, roll the ball and pass the  beanbag activities
  • Share and cooperate with others in a group setting

Make music with Rainbow Songs today. Book a class with your toddler!

Preschool Music classes for Young Children (2-4 years)

Rainbow Songs fun classes for young children prepare your child for kindergarten. Our 2-4 year old programs have you and your child singing and making music together.

Preschool Music Programs for 2 – 4 year-olds::
  • Develop language skills by learning to chant simple rhymes and participate in call-and-response songs
  • Introduce locomotive movements using props such as the rainbow stretchy band
  • Learn more complex musical concepts like scales, simple rhythms, bars and phrases by using percussive instruments and rhythmic sticks
  • Solidify learning of colours, numbers (0-10), body parts, simple addition and subtraction, days of the week, animal actions and sounds through song and role-playing

Make music and join the Rainbow Songs band today! Enroll in a course and have fun making music with your little one!

2-4 year old playing the drum in music class

Join the jam!


Rainbow Songs encourages music making together as a family!

Have more than one child? Rainbow Songs loves it when families sing together! Siblings can join the same class and enjoy an enriching musical experience with you as a family!

Benefits of making music together as a family:
  • Enroll your children in the same class and the second child’s enrollment automatically gets a 25% discount!
  • Babies and young children often pick up skills quicker by watching older children at play
  • Older children are encouraged to be helpers and leaders in the music class
  • Making music as a family supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.
  • Nurture your children’s creativity and confidence by sharing fun songs and music making together!

Ready to start singing and jamming with us? Click here to join the jam!