Programs for Babies

Rainbow Songs® for Babies

Image In this class, since babies are not yet capable of singing, the onus is on the parents and caregivers to make the music. Our classes encourage group participation in the collective making of music. Your child will respond to being surrounded by people making music together. Attending these classes puts in place an organized structure for you and your child to learn more about music and to share it.

The baby class is an opportunity for parents to improve their own musical skills. This is done by learning new songs, making music as a group, and learning about and playing instruments.Image These abilities and songs are then passed on to your children over time.

The learning does not end in the classroom. This program is also an opportunity for parents to learn new songs that they can sing to their children throughout the week. We encourage our participants to make singing a part of their everyday lives. Songs to dress to, eat to, work to and play to.