Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the nice things current and former participants have said about Rainbow Songs!!

“My 6mth old baby and I currently attend your Wed 11:45am class at the Leaside location and I can’t rave enough about it.  My baby is completely captivated by the songs, instruments and accompanying actions.  The pace of the class is just right, allowing the babies to not only absorb what is happening but to also avoid getting bored and fussy. We have attended a couple of other music classes which I thought at the time were great. However, Rainbow Songs surpasses them all.” – Dianne H.


“Every parent and child benefits so much from this kind of Mom and tot program.  We love the songs, the socializing factor, the parachute, the stress-free environment (for both parent & child).” – Sylvia M.


“I work in education as a kindergarten teacher so I understand the importance of good programming to encourage children’s continued learning.  The Rainbow Songs program is age appropriate, stimulating,  encourages language, math (rhythm, counting)  and social skills.  Children learn to sing, repeat, pattern, opposites, signing … they learn to sit … when to stand … You have not only a wonderful music program but an overall age appropriate early learning program!  – Andrea K.


“The songs are amazing. They are very catchy and keep the children, no matter the age (we have done this since our baby was only a few months old) completely engaged. The movements and actions and tunes are all so great. Even my husband and I can remember the tunes and sing them with our daughter at home all the time. We particularly like the ‘clean up’ song. The only way we can get [our child] to clean up her toys at home is by singing that song.” – Alyson R.


“Rainbow Songs is the absolute best program I have ever enrolled my children in. They  loved it. We learned many new songs that we often sing together at  home. I appreciate the intelligence of your program, your promotion  of music education, the diversity of musical genres you expose the children to, and the clear enthusiasm and talent of your staff.” – Christine B.


“The quality of the instruction at Rainbow [Songs] is excellent.  There are many music programs out there (City run, privately run).  One of the key differentiators for Rainbow Songs is that the staff can actually perform well.  They can sing, they can play, and not just in a spirited sense (like I can) but rather in a skilled sense.  They sound ‘good’ which makes a difference for both the children and the adults.  For example, the babies and toddlers gain exposure to what singing on key sounds like, and at the same time the music class experience is not painful for the accompanying adults.” – Craig S.


“I have been a participant for 2 sessions with my son who is 1 year old.  Both sessions were with Josh and were for the under 1 class.  My child and I had such a good time every Friday.  The music was engaging and educational (as in Hands Together, Hands Apart my son now knows his hands and feet!), the teacher was fun and entertaining and my son really liked the guitar that Josh played! The best part of the program is that after class and for many months we have enjoyed the songs at home, taught them to my husband who sings them now too and that you offer an exciting class even for the smallest of babies.” – Steph Z.


“Rainbow Songs is truly professional AND fun.  We attended the summer session in Leaside but due to scheduling conflicts, I enrolled [my son] into another music program this fall which I quickly regretted after just one class.  I am so happy that space was still available for us at the Castlefield location.  The difference in [my son]’s response at the Rainbow Songs class vs. the other program was incredible and when he’s happy, mom’s happy.” – Diane R.


“Professionalism of the instructors…As far as we can tell they are all so talented and have great personalities. The songs are lots of fun and catchy, and it’s nice that we can look up the lyrics at home to practice… Really creates a sense of community in the classes, with the use of childrens’ names, etc.  So many different kinds of songs & activities…Love the opportunity for the children to play instruments, love that all of the songs are accompanied by the guitar, love the instruments of the week, etc.  Such a rich program that seems to be above and beyond all of the other music programs offered to children in the city. Totally worth the cost.” – Rubin A.


“Sadly, I think this will be my last session with Rainbow songs after 3 years, and I think about 12 sessions for my 2 girls – clearly, we are fans! Over this time we have had Jessica, Kristina, Josh and for the last year or so, Brian. All have been wonderful, and each bring their own strengths and personality to the classes. I do believe that Rainbow Songs has a strong and consistent format. The training which each teacher goes through is clearly thorough, and the selection process ensure the right ‘fit’ for the ethos of the company. I wish Rainbow Songs every success in the future. It has been a really important part of my children’s early childhood development, and most importantly, really happy childhood memories! I hope we may be able to do some drop in classes (space allowing) in future. In the meantime, THANK-YOU to all!!” Ellen F.


“Rainbow Songs is the best.  We’ve attended a few other music classes for babies/toddlers, and Rainbow Songs is far superior.  Thank you so much.” – Sylvia


“I love how much my daughter has learned through the class. She is now a toddler and has been attending regularly since 3 months old. She sings the songs on a regular basis and I really think that her language development and vocabulary has been greatly influenced by the music classes. She also has gained a true love of music already thanks to classes! It really has helped her in so many ways.” – Pam M.


“What can I say – it’s a fantastic program. My daughter loves these music classes so much. I feel that it helps kids learn through music and helps parents too! When my tot is having a meltdown – I just start singing Hands Together and it automatically changes her mood.” – Rita C.


“Good introduction to a lot of new music, as well as incorporation of familiar songs that we sing at home. Very laid back, relaxed atmosphere. We have attended other music programs (ie. Royal Conservatory) where the children were expected to stay seated on parents’ lap during class, which becomes quite stressful for the parent of an active toddler. At Rainbow Songs, kids are encouraged to move, dance, do actions, walk about, whatever they are feeling from the music. I love the parachute at the end of the class – and how it is always put to music. Generally, a great variety of music and different types of activities (seated songs, moving songs, sharing songs, use of balls and beanbags, instruments, etc). The little ones absolutely love to explore and experiment with different instruments and it is wonderful to have the freedom to let them choose how the babies want to express themselves with music. It is very empowering for little ones to be able to try and have success at using different instruments. This is my second rainbow songs program, and i can see how the activities are tailored to the developmental stages of the children.” – Alison T.


“Just when I think we know all kids songs – Rainbow Songs comes up with new, interesting and fun songs that my daughter loves and she and I sing them so much at home that my husband sings them too!” – Rita C.


I think the program is set up really well – the class flows nicely with minimal gaps between songs and/or activities. The kids are kept entertained and involved the whole time which makes you feel that you money has been well spent, especially when your child won’t stop singing the songs or requesting you sing them when you get home! – Karin H.
The teachers are professional and talented not just in  music, but in working with children.  The accessible locations make is possible to find a class and to do make-up classes. The inclusive language and adaptations for different kids (babies and toddlers) and grown-ups attending is fantastic. There are clear and consistent rules for class, yet the focus of the program is on having fun and participation in experiencing music. And one of the most important strengths for me is being able to enrol children of different ages in the same class! This was essential for our participation!  – Leslie J


I love the program! I [started bringing] my son when he was an infant and now I just finished my first session with my second child. It is a great way to bond with baby and, in our case, a great way to soothe baby in the car by playing a CD full of songs that she recognizes. I always recommend Rainbow Songs to new parents since there are so many convenient locations all over the city. – Clara F.