Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Music into your Daily Life

Open your preschooler’s ears to music. Have fun incorporating Music into your Daily life

We hear from Rainbow Songs parents about how much you love the music activities in our music classes. We also get requests from families for suggestions about how to incorporate music into their everyday lives. Here’s a list of 10 ways to incorporate music into your daily life. Included are great toddler activities, fun baby songs, great Toronto family events and more!  Encourage and nurture your child’s love of music and your whole family will have fun together!

Here’s the list of top 10 ways to add music into day with your child. Scroll below to learn more about each awesome way to bring more music into your daily lives.

  • Listen to Different Kinds of Music
  • Dance to Music Together
  • Join the Jam – attend music classes together
  • Go to Concerts
  • Sing a Song
  • Make Instruments at Home – create your own family jam band
  • Have child-friendly musical instruments at home
  • Watch child-friendly music videos together!
  • Add songs to boring parts of your day
  • Incorporate Song and Music into your daily lives
children playing drums

children have fun playing drums


Sing with us at Animal Week

Animal Week at Rainbow Songs is Coming! 

We’re halfway through the Fall term at Rainbow Songs – which means it’s nearly time for ANIMAL WEEK! Come sing songs about your favourite creatures with us – from Nov 19 to 24.  You can DRESS UP in costume this week too. Children and adults alike are encouraged to wear animal costumes and bring their favourite stuffies to class. Don’t worry if you don’t have an animal costume – we have lots of great animal hats, masks and more to share with any child who would like one.

Mom and tot in animal costume

Mom and tot in animal costume

Rainbow Songs Classic Elephants Have Wrinkles is a great Action Song for Any Age!

In our music class, we’ll be singing along to kids songs like Elephants Have Wrinkles. This fantastic kids’s song incorporates actions to help you have fun together with your child, while simultaneously building language and social skills.

Children of every age can join in! Here are some ways to do Elephants Have Wrinkles actions with your child, no matter what age or stage they are at:

  • Help your baby lie on their back (if they’re comfortable doing so)
  • As you sing about different body parts, point them out on your baby’s body
  • This helps with face-to-face interactions and identifying body parts!
  • When you sing about different body parts, point them out on your own body
  • Encourage your child to do the same themselves
  • If they still need help doing some movements, you can always help them along
2-4 Years:
  • Trying doing a dance together!
  • Point out the body parts as you go along and encourage your child to be creative with their dance moves


A toy store discount with Rainbow Songs enrollment? That’s music to our ears!

Rainbow Songs and Scooter Girl are partnering for the Winter 2019 music class sessionAnnouncing an awesome deal for Rainbow Songs families!

Do you know Scooter Girl Toys? It’s THE well-known and awesome Roncesvalles toy store, just down the road from Rainbow Songs on Roncy! We love their great collection of toys, wonderful selection of books and all the fun extras they stock for babies and kids!

Enroll in the Winter Session music classes at Rainbow Songs and get a Scooter Girl Discount!

We’re super excited to announce that participants enrolled in Rainbow Songs Winter 2019 Session classes (January 7-March 9, 2019) will get a special 15% discount at Scooter Girl Toys! And yes, that applies to enrollment at any Rainbow Songs location across the GTA. We’re pretty confident that if you’re attending a Rainbow Songs class, you’ve got little kiddies in your life who would appreciate all the fine, fun toys & books that line the shelves at Scooter Girl. To claim, login to your account on your phone while in the store, and show the staff your dashboard (with Winter term enrollment info).Toddlers reaching into the instrument bag, getting ready for the jam session

It’ll be a cold and dreary January, but take some music classes and make some toy store visits during the winter months and it will definitely brighten your day (because, seriously fellow Canadians, we should really embrace this hygge business and plan good things for those dark winter months). (more…)