Birthday Parties

Have Rainbow Songs® at Your Child’s Birthday Party
A fun way to bring live music to your little one’s special day!



* 45 minute interactive music show.

* Parachute Fun

* Jamming with musical instruments

* Free Rainbow Songs T-Shirt

* All for $275 (including HST)


What are other parents saying?

 Just wanted to tell you how great Rainbow Songs did at our party on Saturday. The kids were so happy. My daughter was shy at first, but she loved it. She remembered the songs from class and we play the CDs all the time in the car. [Your teacher] was great from the time she called me last week to ask about my daughter’s favourite song etc. to the event. She is so energetic and gets the kids involved. So amazing! Thank you again. – Lisa


General Information for all Rainbow Songs® Birthday Parties:

* Please call us at least 2 weeks in advance to book your party and let us know how many children to expect and what their ages are. Our parties accommodate groups of up to 20 children. Larger groups can be accommodated for an increased rate.

* If the party is outside, make sure there’s an area where people can sit down (on the ground or on a carpet) and that there is an extension cord. If the party is inside, make sure there is a room large enough for all of the children and parents to sit together, and try to clear the room of toys or other distractions.

* Let other parents know in advance that Rainbow Songs® will be the entertainment.  Parents can help the children focus on the music by participating and singing along so that both parents and children get more out of the experience.
* In order for parents and kids to settle in for the entertainment, we recommend booking the music to start no sooner than one hour after the planned party start time.

* Our birthday party boundaries are restricted to within Toronto between Martin Grove Road and Victoria Park Ave. and south of Finch Ave. Party locations outside of this range will be subjected to an extra mileage charge.


A birthday suggestion from Rainbow Songs…

If you’re looking for a great way to help give back, in conjunction with your Rainbow Songs birthday, we’d definitely recommend checking out our Rainbow Songs Foundation (RSF) partnership with Echo Age, an innovative online birthday party service where kids get the gifts they want while having the opportunity to support a charity of their choice.

Rainbow Songs Foundation is a charitable organization that is modelled after Rainbow Songs and provides high-quality, interactive music programs free of cost to families with young children using shelter services in the GTA. For more information, go to –

Through RSF’s partnership with EchoAge, parents planning their child’s birthday party and who are interested in supporting RSF now have an easy way to do so. Should you and your child be interested in supporting RSF, you can plan your party and choose RSF as your family’s charity of choice directly through the EchoAge website, at –

If you have any questions about the RSF or their partnership with EchoAge, please feel free to contact them at –


Birthday Party Policies

All birthday parties are payable in advance. Payment is required on party booking. Any scheduling change is subject to a $25 fee out of respect for the time the performer had set aside for the party. The price of $275 covers the 45 minute performance. If the instructor must stay longer than the scheduled 45 minutes (for instance, if the start of the performance is delayed), then their additional time is billed at a rate of $50 per hour. Should you need to cancel your party for any reason, we would be happy to refund you $225 of the party fee. $50 of the total party fee is a non-refundable administration charge. Full payment can be made by credit card over the phone to our office, 416-535-5247.