Top 10 Benefits of Baby and Toddler Music Classes

Reasons why you love singing in our Baby and Toddler Music Classes

We know you love singing with your baby or toddler. And you know that your baby loves it when you sing to her/him too! But did you know that singing with your child has multiple emotional and cognitive benefits too?

Studies have shown that early engagement with making music together and regular music making with your child can help in their development in multiple areas. Add to that the enjoyment of making music by yourself or in a group. Making music together also encourages the building social skills too. Here’s our Top 10 List of Benefits of baby and toddler music classes.

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Toronto Music classes for toddlers

Music classes for toddlers

Bond with Your Baby and Toddler

Did you know that your baby and toddler love the sound of your voice? A child responds positively and with love to the sound of the voice of their caregivers. When you sing with your child, they feel connected and close to you. This intimate act of making music together is a shared experience that brings you closer together. We encourage all our participants to sing with their baby or toddler in order to experience this joyful exchange. As well, we know that all people can sing. In our classes we create a safe and encouraging space for both children and adults to share their love of music and to sing without inhibition. In this way, we are hoping that you will take this love of singing in our classes and sing songs with your little one in your daily lives too.

Toronto Baby music classes

Baby Music Classes

Math Skills

Music is one of the first ways that babies and toddlers learn math and counting. For example, music is created through making patterns and about how those patterns go together. At Rainbow Songs your child will learn about counting beats and keeping a rhythm. Singing and doing actions for the “Hello Song” we’ll help your child to keep a simple 1-2 beat by slapping our knees and clapping our hands (this is great for coordination too!) As well, there are tons of fun counting songs that are part of our regular repertoire. Here’s some fun counting song videos created by the founder of Rainbow Songs. 5 Senses and 5 Wooly Mammoths

Language Skills

The songs in our music programs also help with the development of language skills. Singing songs help little ones make associations about the meaning of words. This then helps with the learning new words. Using actions during our songs also supports word acquisition. For example, making the signs for animals while singing animal songs helps the child make the association with regards to the word. When doing the actions for popular songs like “Head and Shoulders” and “Hands Together” children learn the words for parts of their bodies. Call and response songs are also wonderful ways for children to learn new words too!


To really know a piece a music a student is asked to memorize it. We do this in Rainbow Songs with  songs in our music classes for babies and toddlers. Believe or not, you and your child have already memorized hundreds of songs! Whether it is learning songs from the classic early childhood music repertoire such as abc, twinkle twinkle and row row row your boat or any other music that you and your child enjoy together, a person is learning about the patterns of music and language.

Make Friends while Singing Together

Did you know that singing in a group is one of the best ways to bond with people? (Think Choir, Choir Choir!) People are connected for rhythmic togetherness. Feelings of connectedness occur when we sing together because of the endorphins released.When people sing together the vibrations created from making music in their bodies and Being attentive to listening. As well, the act of singing together and listening to one another while do so actually synchronizes people to one another. Feelings of connection and friendship naturally develop from the simple act of making music together.

best music teacher in Toronto

Our music teachers are the best!

Appreciation of Cultures

Whatever music we listen to comes from somewhere. In our music classes for babies and toddlers we sing songs that are familiar as well as fun Rainbow Songs originals. As well, our music classes highlight instruments from around the world. Your teacher will often bring a special instrument of the week that you and your child will get to try. During this part of the class, you and your child will learn about the origin of the instrument and get to see how the instrument can be used when singing songs either familiar or new. You’ll get to see and hear how a Jaw Harp sounds like a frog! Listen carefully for the soothing sound of the tingshaw bells. Dance to the Caribbean beat while trying out the Guiro. There will be lots of new instruments for you and your infant or toddler to try during your music classes!

Self Expression

During Rainbow Songs music classes does your child sing loud or quietly? Sit in your lap or up close to the Rainbow Songs teacher? Does your child interact with other kids or is he/she shy? Maybe your child likes to sit still. Or maybe she/he likes to sway to music?  In our music classes for babies and toddlers we appreciate and value different learning styles. We know that children take in information in different styles and want everyone who comes to class to feel appreciated and respected for their learning styles. Some children are more verbal and others are more bodily kinesthetic. Some children sit quietly and take in all the music going on in class and then go then go home and sing all the songs with gusto. Let’s celebrate each child for their unique way of learning!


Music and movement go hand in hand. When singing in our music class your child will also be learning to move his/her body to the beat and rhythm of the music. In our baby classes, you will assist your child in learning different body parts, clapping her/his hands, tickling her tummy and so much more. In our toddler classes, children will get up and dance to the music! Coordination occurs during our active and fun songs. Get ready to move like an elephant, hope like a frog and dance to the hokey pokey.

Sense of Achievement

Clap to a beat? Stomp your feet to the sound of the rain? Stand up and turn around? Roar like your favourite animal? Count to 5? 10? These and other musical and movement activities are highlighted and celebrated as your child learns new skills. Our fun songs and amazing teachers will support the learning and growth of your baby and toddler as they move through different and exciting developmental stages.

Sharing and Teamwork

Roll the ball, pass the beanbag, and taking turns trying the instrument of the week are some of the ways in which our music classes encourage sharing and teamwork. Our group music classes support the growth of these social skills through fun and encouraging musical activities.

Stress relief

Music is a great to relieve tension. You can put your emotions into whatever you are playing. Add to that the fact that when you sing your body releases endorphins, the natural feel-good chemical that makes you feel happy! On top of that, when you sing your body is breathing deeply. With all the deep breathing that you naturally do while singing, you body will feel both alert, happy and uplifted. So sing your heart out in our baby and toddler classes!

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