Singing is Learning at Rainbow Songs!

In addition to being fun, our music programs are designed to gently support your child’s development! There are many positive developmental outcomes for your child that we aim for when you sing with us. Here are some of our goals for each age group:

• You and your baby bond as you sing to them
• Your baby learns through repetition of words and actions
• Your baby begins to mimic movements and text associated with songs

• Your child improves language development and numeracy comprehension
• Your child learns body awareness and rhythm, through movement and actions
• Your child builds empathy and social awareness by singing together with you and others

2-4 Year Olds
• Your child develops social skills through call-and-response and partner songs
• Your child learns more complex musical concepts – scales, simple beats, bars and phrases
• Your child achieves a foundation level that easily leads to individual music or instrument lessons

Singing with us is a great way, at any age, to develop rhythm, numeracy, literacy, sharing…you name it! At Rainbow Songs, we’re delighted to be a joyful part of your child’s growth.