Toronto Music Teacher Highlight Léa Beauvais

Rainbow Songs Toronto Music Teacher Highlight Léa Beauvais

You let us know about how much you love our baby and toddler music classes. You also tell us in detail about how much your music teacher means to you! We thought it would be great to share some fun facts about our music teachers. This month’s music teacher highlight is the wonderful Léa Beauvais

Want to sing with Léa? You can have fun making music with her at our Leaside, Mount Pleasant and Davisville, and Danforth locations. Those neighbourhoods don’t work for you? Go to our enrollment page and find the music class near you!

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5 Simple Ways to Encourage a Love of Music in Kids at Home

Bring Music into your Everyday Life and have a Blast Together!

So glad you enjoy singing in baby and toddler music classes! We hear from many Rainbow Songs families about how their children sing the music class songs at home. And even some children perform their own music circle with their family and stuffies! We love to encourage music making in your daily life and hope that our music classes and movement activities help bring more songs into your life.

Here’s a top 5 list of ways you can encourage a love of music at home!
Child having fun dancing to music

Have a dance party in your toddler music class

Sing Together

Singing is a wonderful feel-good activity and even more enjoyable when you do it together! (The science supports this as natural endorphins are released when you sing). Don’t be shy! Your child loves the sound of your voice because they love you.

Have Dance Party

Are you ready to boogie? Any engaging music that gets you and your child up and moving will make you both have a great afternoon. Not only that, but parents have a blast dancing to silly music while their baby and toddler and get exercise too! Try to remember some of the baby and toddler activities that we do from class!

Listen to Whatever Music you Love

Make daily life more fun by integrating music into your regular activities! For example, sing lullabies at bedtime, listen to music with a story while in the car, have morning songs that you play while getting dressed or eating breakfast. Not sure where to start looking for kids music? Rainbow Songs has produced 7 award-winning children’s music CDs. , featuring class favourites, classic baby songs and toddler tunes, and a few original numbers too. Whatever music you enjoy, share it with your child.

Toronto Baby music classes

Baby Music Classes

Create a Family Jam Band!

Pull out the pots and pans, have a craft and music day and have fun making your own family band while singing fun songs together! You can buy some of the quality, child-friendly instruments used during the Rainbow Songs jam sessions here in our online shop.

Add Silly Songs to Boring Parts of Your Day

Stuck in traffic? Waiting in line? Sing a silly song! Counting songs, colour songs and body part songs are great for learning and fun, as well as are transportation songs. Do actions to the song to make it even more fun. Your baby or toddler will find those dull moments entertaining, and so will you!

Animal Week at Rainbow Songs is Next Week!

Animal Week at Rainbow Songs is Coming! 

We’re partway through the summer term at Rainbow Songs – which means it’s nearly time for ANIMAL WEEK! Come sing songs in your music class about your favourite creatures with us.  You can DRESS UP in costume this week too. Children and adults alike are encouraged to wear animal costumes and bring their favourite stuffies to music class. Don’t worry if you don’t have an animal costume – we have lots of great animal hats, masks and more to share with any child who would like one. 

Looking forward to singing with you!

Mom and tot in animal costume

Mom and tot in animal costume

Rainbow Songs Classic Elephants Have Wrinkles is a great Action Song for Any Age!

In our baby and toddler music class, we’ll be singing along to kids songs like Elephants Have Wrinkles. This fantastic kids’ song incorporates actions to help you have fun together with your child, while simultaneously building language and social skills.

Check out Elephants Have Wrinkles in this video! Super fun!

Children of every age can join in! Here are some ways to do Elephants Have Wrinkles actions with your child, no matter what age or stage they are at:

Fun Activities to do While Singing with Your Child
  • Help your baby lie on their back (if they’re comfortable doing so)
  • As you sing about different body parts, point them out on your baby’s body
  • This helps with face-to-face interactions and identifying body parts!
  • When you sing about different body parts, point them out on your own body
  • Encourage your child to do the same themselves
  • If they still need help doing some movements, you can always help them along
2-4 Years:
  • Trying doing a dance together!
  • Point out the body parts as you go along and encourage your child to be creative with their dance moves

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