Great Baby and Toddler Activity | Animal Week Sing-a-Long

Animal Week at Rainbow Songs is Coming! Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh my! 

We’re halfway through the Fall term at Rainbow Songs – which means it’s nearly time for ANIMAL WEEK! Come sing songs about your favourite furry creatures with us – from Nov 18 to 23. And it is also a time where you can DRESS UP! Adults and children alike are encouraged to wear animal costumes and to bring their beloved stuffies to class. (If you don’t have an animal costume we’ll have some to share including great animal hats, masks and more.

In class, we’ll be singing along to music class songs like Elephants Have Wrinkles. This fantastic tune incorporates actions to help you have fun together with your child, while simultaneously building language and social skills.  Continue reading

Original Baby Shark Video was Created by Rainbow Songs Founder

Baby Shark – the first viral video!

Love the song Baby Shark? Can’t get the tune out of your head? Did you know that the first viral Baby Shark video was recorded and made into a video Mike Whitla, founder of Howdytoons and Rainbow Songs? With over 55 million views, this popular tune was put up on Youtube March, 19, 2014 – long before the song became a viral hit worldwide. Take a look at this original version of Baby Shark by Howdytoons. This Baby Shark video outlines a specific story and has a particular look to the characters.

Imitations of Baby Shark

After this video was created there were numerous imitations made. The most famous Baby Shark is the Pinkfong version, which has many similarities to the Howdytoons version. That video has generated billions of views. Many fans have given credit to Howdytoons for creating the original Baby Shark video in their comments on the song. 

Baby Shark Video

Original Baby Shark Video

Sing Along to Baby Shark at Home!

Check out and sing along to the original Baby Shark version that you know and love from Rainbow Songs baby and toddler music classes here. Make up your own lyrics and have a great time with playing out the actions with your child. 

Love Singing Baby Shark and want to sing with your friends?

Looking for exciting activities for toddlers and kids in your neighbourhood? Want a baby and me class that will have you both engaged and having fun? 

Best Baby and Toddler Music Classes for You and Your Child

Come sing with Rainbow Songs! We are passionate about music and education. Our Toronto baby and toddler classes will be a big hit for both you and your little one. Making music together has never been this much fun. Sing favourite and known songs like Baby Shark and learn new tunes too! Spark your child’s imagination and deepen their creative engagement through music and movement. Bond with your baby and make new friends from the neighbourhood!

Each of our different programs focuses on the developmental stage of your child. Learn baby songs that will help you and your infant bond together. Sing silly songs with your toddler. Enrich your preschoolers life with participatory rhythmic activities and songs.

Join the jam with your friends and have a joyful time making music together!

Music Classes Near Me

When searching for Toronto activities for kids it’s always best when you can find a kid activity that is close by. With 20 Toronto locations, there is sure to be a music class close to home.

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Winter 2020 schedule is out now!

Wondering what to do with your little one this winter?  We’ve got a great baby and toddler activity for you! Full Winter schedules are now available online and enrollment is open! Enroll in Toronto’s warmest winter activity for kids today!


Get your babies, toddlers and young children ready for Halloween with Rainbow Songs!

October is here, and that means one of our favourite days is right around the corner – Halloween! Trick-or-treating, scary songs, and spooky fun with friends – we love it all! Come celebrate Halloween Week in your Rainbow Songs music class from Friday, October 25 to Thursday, October 31 and sing festive songs with us to get you and your little one ready for the season.

Baby in frog costume

Dress up with Rainbow Songs for Halloween!

As you know, the best part of Halloween is DRESSING UP! Kids and adults alike are invited to wear their Halloween costumes to class during Halloween Week. We’ll make some time at the end of class for you to take photos of these spooky and adorable outfits. We’d love to see your Halloween pics! Be sure to tag @rainbowsongs_ on Instagram and @rainbowsongs1 on Facebook so that we can like and share!

Why do we dress up for Halloween anyway?

Did you know that Halloween originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) to celebrate the end of the harvest before the long, cold winter set in? Celts believed that on the night before the new year (which they celebrated on November 1), the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. They believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth on the evening of October 31, and they would dress up as ghosts, ghouls and wild animals to blend in with the walking spirits. Pretty neat, right?

Over time Samhain evolved into the Halloween that we know today! And since singing is the keystone of any celebration, we’ll be singing awesome Halloween songs for children in class, including “I’m A Crazy Witch”, “Five Little Pumpkins”, and other spooky tunes! Check out our most recent newsletter (handed out in class) for lyrics for these Halloween songs. You can also find lyrics in our online database.

Music for Halloween!

Vampire, haunted house, halloween

Look out for our new Halloween EP on Spotify and iTunes!

Our sister company, Howdytoons, has some great Halloween song music videos! Check out a playlist online here.

Another great resource – in honour of this most special day, we’ll have all of our Howdytoons Halloween music on iTunes and Spotify on October 21st! The Howdytoons account is online here. Add our songs to your favourite Halloween playlists!

Winter 2020 schedule is out now!

The coming of Halloween means that the days are getting colder and darker, and we’ve been preparing our Winter 2020 music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Full schedules are now available online and enrollment is open! Enroll in Toronto’s warmest (and most adorable) winter activity today!

We’re looking forward to having fun with you and seeing all your spooktacular costumes!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!