Best Toronto Toddler & Baby activities in Leaside and Mount Pleasant and Davisville / Eglinton

Fun Toronto Activities for you and your baby or toddler after music class in Leaside and Mount Pleasant

Hello! Hello everbody, Hello! Thanks for singing with us. We look forward to more music class fun with you this winter. Enroll here to continue singing in our baby and toddler music class. Looking for things to do in Toronto with your baby or toddler? Searching for a winter activity in your neighbourhood after music class? Rainbow Songs music baby and toddler classes take place in 20 locations around the GTA. We love all the neighbourhoods in Toronto where you sing songs with us! This week we are highlighting the Leaside ‘hood. After making music with us there are so many fun baby and toddler activities for you and your child. Now that it is winter time we’ll specifically make a list of the best winter activities in Leaside for families.

mommy and me time in baby music class

mommy and me time in baby music class


Best Baby and Toddler Activities in Leaside

The Leaside Toronto Public Library is always warm and welcoming. They have a fantastic kid’s section of books and a great place to sit and read with your baby or toddler. They open early and so depending upon the time of your music class you can hang out there before or after singing with us!

Right next door to the library is the Trace Manes Park. If it’s not too cold, the park is a great place where your baby or toddler can get some fresh air, move around or even make a snowman!

Scholar’s Choice has tons of great gift ideas for the holidays. They have lots of modern and classic toys, amazing posters and prints for your child’s bedroom, and tons of educational and fun activity toys for every stage of childhood.

Best Baby and Toddler Activities at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville / Eglinton

Our baby and toddler music class in the Mt. Pleasant and Davisville neighbourhood has become a hit with families. Classes are located in an amazing space called The Healthy Joint. A wellness centre, The Healthy Joint offers many services that are great for physical, mental and spritual health. Some of their offerings include chiropractor care, yoga classes, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and custom foot orthodics. We know the people who run the Wellness Centre and they are lovely and helpful.

Mable’s Fabels Book Store has been in the city of Toronto for 30 years! They are one of the best book stores focused exclusively on books for babies, toddlers and children. The staff really know about kids’ books and can help you find an old classic or the newest popular book too. And there are comfy chairs and couches where you can sit and look through their amazing collection.

June Rowlands Park is a great outdoor winter place. The park has a field and fun climbing area. Have fun outside this winter playing in the park!

After running around the park warm up with a hot drink at Jules Cafe Patisserie. They have yummy baked goods, comfortable chairs and an assortment of drinks both cold and hot.

Looking for a last minute gift item for the holidays? Mastermind Toys has all your needs. Mastermind is a large store with great toys for children of any age.

Rainbow Songs music classes in Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhoods – Leaside and Mt Pleasant and Davisville / Eglinton

We are so glad you enjoy singing with us at Rainbow Songs. We look forward to making music with you this winter at the Leaside or Mt. Pleasant locations. After class, have fun with one of the above baby or toddler activities. Enjoy your holidays in the great Toronto neighbourhoods with your little one!