Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Music into your Daily Life

Open your preschooler’s ears to music. Have fun bringing Music into your Daily life

We hear from Rainbow Songs parents about how much you love the music activities in our music classes. We also get requests from families for suggestions about how to incorporate music into their everyday lives. Here’s a list of 10 ways to incorporate music into your daily life. Included are great toddler activities, fun baby songs, great Toronto family events and more!  Encourage and nurture your child’s love of music and your whole family will have fun together!

Here’s the list of top 10 ways to add music into day with your child. Scroll below to learn more about each awesome way to bring more music into your daily lives.

  • Listen to Different Kinds of Music
  • Dance to Music Together
  • Join the Jam – attend music classes together
  • Go to Concerts
  • Sing a Song
  • Make Instruments at Home – create your own family jam band
  • Have child-friendly musical instruments at home
  • Watch child-friendly music videos together!
  • Add songs to boring parts of your day
  • Incorporate Song and Music into your daily lives
children playing drums

children have fun playing drums

Listen to Different Kinds of Music

Make daily life more fun by integrating music into your regular activities! For example, sing lullabies at bedtime, listen to music with a story while in the car, have morning songs that you play while getting dressed or eating breakfast. Not sure where to start looking for kids music? Rainbow Songs has produced 7 award-winning children’s music CDs. , featuring class favourites, classic baby songs and toddler tunes, and a few original numbers too. Want more kids music? There are a ton of great children’s musicians to listen to. Seek out work by beloved performers  Raffi, Fred Penner, Bob Schneider, April & Susan, and Sharon, Lois and Bram. We also think that any music that you enjoy is good music! Share your best loved tunes with your child and they are sure to love it! 

Dance to Music Together

Have a dance party together! Any great music that gets you and your child up and moving makes afternoon playtime that much more fun. Parents can have a blast dancing to silly music with their baby and toddler and get exercise too!

Child having fun dancing to music

Have a dance party!

Join the Jam – attend music classes together

Music is a fabulous family activity, which is why our classes are designed for adults and children to do together. Singing in groups has an infectious way of making everyone happy and the shared experience helps us enjoy music together. Enroll for your next Rainbow Songs music program and continue having fun and learning new songs with your child.

Go to Concerts

Have a special date with your little one and take them to a concert! There are so many great kids’ bands in Toronto, as well as just great music for the whole family. Some bands for families that play concerts in Toronto whom we recommend include Ooza Kazoo and The Monkey Bunch  and Splash’N’Boots

Sing a Song

Singing is a feel-good activity! (For real – it releases endorphins that make you happy!). Encourage your little one to sing by doing it with them. Create new lyrics to old tunes, sing your favourite songs together, find a song from your own childhood, ask your child what song they enjoy the most, or make up a new song too! Remember, your child loves your voice because they love you.

Make instruments at Home – create your own family jam band

There’s the obvious pots and pans instruments, but you can also find lots of ways to make instruments at home with items found in your kitchen and craft drawer. Have a craft day with your little one! Try making these fun instruments at home. 

Have child-friendly musical instruments at home

Allowing for spontaneous fun music making during playtime will encourage your child’s love of music. Have your own family band while singing fun songs together! You can buy some of the quality, child-friendly instruments used during the Rainbow Songs jam sessions here in our online shop.  

purple maracas

purple maracas

Watch child-friendly music videos together!

We love music videos for kids! In fact, we love them so much that Rainbow Songs founder Mike created a whole Youtube channel, Howdytoons, featuring fantastic cartoons of beloved Rainbow Songs songs, including Baby Shark, Elephants Have Wrinkles, and many more. You can see a playlist with many class favourites here on Howdytoons. We encourage you to watch and sing along with your child. Not only is it great bonding time, but it is also important to make sure they are watching safe and child-friendly content.

I'm a Pterodactyl by Howdytoons

I’m a Pterodactyl by Howdytoons

Add songs to boring parts of your day

Waiting in line or stuck in traffic with nothing to do? Sing a silly song together! Counting songs, colour songs and body part songs are great for learning and fun, as well as are transportation songs. Do actions to the song to make it even more fun. Your baby or toddler will find those dull moments entertaining, and so will you!

Incorporate song and music into your daily lives

Have silly song days. Have songs for different activities – bath time, clean up, highchair songs, changing diapers, lullabies and quiet songs for bedtime, tickle song, hello songs. Use baby songs and toddler tunes to help your little one learn to count, learn the alphabet, and just have fun! For little ones, having a routine song for daily activities can also help with transitions to different activities. Singing songs together is also a great way to bond and communicate with your baby or toddler too!

Mom and baby are happy singing together

Have fun singing songs with your baby!

Enroll to sing in Rainbow Songs music classes today!  We know that you will love our music programs for babies and toddlers!