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Music Classes for Toddlers 


Dad and baby smiling during music class

Fun music classes for toddlers!

 Music is a natural part of a toddler’s life.  Activities that toddlers do on their own include sing to their stuffed animals, clap their hands to a nursery rhyme, or bounce up and down to a good beat on the radio. Studies show that toddlers best respond to music when they actively experience it and participate with their loved ones. As your child grows, their ability to participate in music-making also grows rapidly. 

Reasons why toddler music classes are so much fun!

Looking for a fun Toronto toddler activity to do with your little one? Rainbow Songs offers engaging, educational, and participatory toddler music classes specifically designed for your 1-2 year old.  Your child will master the art of keeping a steady beat while they clap their hands. As well, they will play percussion instruments during the Rainbow Songs band jam session. Children will learn how to share, take turns, and cooperate with others using props such as balls, beanbags, and special instruments from around the world.

Rainbow Songs music classes for toddlers contains age-appropriate curriculum that consists of children’s songs that pair hand motions, actions, dance moves, and sign language with song lyrics to provide a cognitively stimulating musical setting. Our early childhood music classes will get you and your child rocking, rolling, tapping, clapping, and moving to the beat in no time! Join the jam!

Enroll today and sing with Rainbow Songs 1-2 year old toddlers music class in Toronto.  With over 20 locations we are certain you’ll find a location nearby!

Testimonial from a Family who loves our Toddler Music Classes:

Our  Rainbow Songs teacher did an amazing job keeping both toddlers and parents engaged in each class. He delivered the programs with such genuine joy and love for music that made our son sing songs and mimic actions he learned from our teacher at home. Our son routinely asks for Rainbow Songs cds to be played at home. As well, he even pretends to run his own Rainbow Songs classes at home with his stuffies. Thanks Rainbow Songs!