Baby and Kids Music Programs in Toronto

baby music class is fun for infants

Music Programs for babies!

Rainbow Songs Music Programs for Babies

Do you want to give your baby a head start in life? Rainbow Songs music classes for babies are designed to nurture your baby’s full cognitive and musical potential.

Here’s why you should join Rainbow Songs Music Class!

Our curriculum consists of fun songs and musical activities that use repetition, actions, props and sign language to stimulate your baby’s brain and facilitate language learning. Throughout the music session, caregivers will master a repertoire of engaging, fun musical activities and songs that they can use to bond with their baby throughout the rest of the week.

Fun music classes for babies are great for Mom, Dad, grandparents, and caregivers too!

But babies are not the only ones who will benefit from our classes. Studies show that singing to your baby releases hormones that brighten both baby and caregivers’ moods. Adults attending our music program for babies have claimed that the collective making of music helped them shed their parenting anxieties and bond on a deeper level with their little one.

Come see what all the moms in the neighbourhood are talking about. Make music, make friends, have fun and rock out! Enroll in a Rainbow Songs class for babies and sing with us today!

What one Mom says about our Baby Music Class:

Thank you, Rainbow Songs! My baby enjoyed every minute of the music class! We sing the songs together all week.  We also listen to the baby album at home and in the car. Your baby classes and the CDs have really developed her language. She recognizes the songs and will mimic/say words and sounds! And I’ve made friends in the class too! I look forward to this mom and baby activity time all week. -Sheila M.

Mom and Dad have fun in music class with their baby

Families love singing together!