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 Why You want to Enroll in our Baby Music Class with your infant!

Do you want to give your baby a head start in life? Our baby music classes are designed to nurture your child’s full cognitive and musical potential in a joyful, warm and interactive setting. 

And they are also a great way to have fun and to meet neighbourhood moms and dads who are at the same stage of life as you! 

With 20 Toronto music school locations, we’re sure to have a music class near you. Check out our locations here.

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Our music teachers are the best!

Here’s why you should join our Toronto Baby Music Classes!

Our curriculum consists of fun songs and musical activities that use repetition, actions, props and sign language to stimulate your baby’s brain and facilitate language learning. 

Throughout each 40 minute music class, moms, dads and caregivers will master a repertoire of participatory, fun musical activities and songs that you can use to bond with your baby throughout the rest of the week. 

Our engaging and skilled music teachers will help nurture a joy of music and help you and your child feel connected and inspired as you sing songs together.

Top Five benefits of Singing in our Baby Music Classes for your Baby
  • Teaches listening: Singing helps babies learn how to discriminate sounds and identify repeated words. Infants recognize the melody, rhythm and meter of a song before they understand the words. 
  • An Expression of Love: a parent’s voice is recognized and loved by a child. Singing is a calming, nurturing and bonding experience. 
  • Lots of Learning: Kids’ songs will teach your baby about the world around them -body parts, days of the week, colours, numbers, opposites, language, family, people. As well, music and songs are connected to all many developmental milestones – cognitive (language, math), movement (sign language, actions, tying words to objects), emotional and social (bonding with Mom, Dad, grandparents, siblings, everyone!)
  • Falling asleep more easily: Your baby loves your voice more than any other sound. Singing lullabies to them is a great way to surround your child with love and comfort. Having a bedtime song as part of your nightly routine is an effective and gentle way to signal to your child that it’s time to sleep. 
  • Cause and Effect: Songs with  progression (counting, different words added every verse) help babies to know what is coming next 
Singing is fun for Everyone! 

But babies are not the only ones who will benefit from our Toronto music classes! Studies show that singing to your baby releases hormones that brighten both your baby’s and caregivers’ moods. Moms attending our baby music program have claimed that collectively making music together helps them communicate more effectively and bond on a deeper level with their little one.

Benefits of Singing in our Music Classes for You
  • It feels good! Singing releases dopamine (the feel-good hormone), which improves one’s  mood and reduces stress levels & anxiety 
  • Improves sleep Singing increases lung capacity and therefore gets oxygen flowing through the body. This helps promote deeper and more restful sleep  – especially important for parents of newborns experiencing sleep interruption.
  • Good for your body: Singing slows down your heart rate, decreases blood pressure and helps you to relax
  • Tools to get through the day: The days are long but the years are short! Using transition songs to signal the start or end of everyday activities (time to clean up, time for a bath, songs about food) helps ease your child through your routine and makes parenting easier 

Come see what all the moms in our  Toronto Music School are talking about. Make music, make friends, have fun and rock out! Click here to join the Rainbow Songs’ music programs for babies!

What  Moms and Dads say about our Baby Music Classes

Thank you, Rainbow Songs! My baby enjoyed every minute of it! We sing the songs all week.  We also listen to the baby album at home all the time and the baby and me class and the CD has really developed her language skills. She recognizes the songs and will mimic/ say words and sounds! I look forward to this mommy and me time all week. -Stella C.

Your music teachers clearly love bringing the joy of music to the children each week. They are enthusiastic, so kid-friendly, totally understanding and accommodating, My son wakes up every day asking if he is going to his Rainbow Songs music class today. He sings the songs at home and tells me about his teacher and the instruments he learns about. So happy with the program and I tell everyone I can about Rainbow Songs! The teachers are warm, friendly, and incredibly engaging. -Karen T.

Mom and Dad have fun in music class with their baby

Families love singing together!