Toronto Music Teacher | Jai Gabison | Baby and Toddler Activities

Rainbow Songs Toronto Music Teacher Highlight

You let us know that you love our baby and toddler music classes. You also tell us in detail about how much you enjoy your music teacher! We thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about our music teachers. This month’s music teacher highlight is the wonderful Jai Gabison.

Want to sing with Jai? You can have fun making music with him at our St. Clair and Christie, Danforth Village, Annex and Roncesvalles locations. Those locations don’t work for you? Go to our enrollment page and find the music class location near you!

Toronto Music Teacher Jai Gabison. Baby, toddler and preschool music teacher

Toronto Music Teacher Jai Gabison.

Jai’s Music Background

Jairus’ lifelong passion for music led him to complete a BFA in Music at York University. He has since performed extensively at venues and festivals across the GTA, including the TD Jazz Fest and the Ontario Vocal Arts Festival.

One of Jairus’ proudest moments was directing and producing a 2011 multi-media musical performance event at the Living Arts Centre, composed for the Mississauga Youth Orchestra and a mass choir.

Aside from his work as a guitar and vocal teacher, Jai serves as the Christian Youth Music Director at the Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Christ in Mississauga. He also teaches Ukulele and Chess as part of a TDSB after school program.

Jairus is thrilled to be Rainbow Songs teacyer, and is eager to share the gift of music with Toronto children and families alike!

Your Music Teacher Answers Your Questions!

Jai loves being a music teacher and especially enjoys the many baby and toddler music and movement activities that he shares with you each week. Here’s a look at some of his favourite parts of teaching.

What have you learned from the babies and toddlers in your music classes?

The kids I work with have taught me to let loose and have fun! Although structure and rules are important, they’re not a requirement for making music together and having a great time. It’s always so much fun when the baby and toddler activities are guided by the glee of the kids.

What’s one of your best Rainbow Songs memory?

My best memory was during our sticks activity in a toddler activity. One of the kids had been in my music class for years and at this point was a master of sticks! He was so excited by this preschool activity that he would shout out the next song/animal/letter we were about to do. It was as if he was the teacher for the day! The whole class loved it and got caught up in this child’s joy.

What’s one of your favourite music class toddler activities?

Parachute is my favourite music and movement activity because everyone always gets excited. In fact, some of the toddlers beg for this musical activity every week. There are so many different activities and ways of incorporating song and actions in this fun toddler activity. I also love using the parachute in the baby classes too. The babies are mesmerized by the colours and the movement.

Give an example of a song you love to sing with the babies and toddlers.

A song and toddler activity that is so much fun to do with the children and families is jellyfish. Although not an original, I helped bring it to the music repertoire. The actions of the song get everyone up and moving and being silly. I also find the grown-ups have more fun than the kids! It is silly and goofy and gets everyone laughing by the time we get to the last stanza.

Why Families Love Singing in Jai’s Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers

“Jai continues to be engaging and amazing; his toddler music program encompasses a wide range of early learning experiences and music and movement activities that keep the children engaged and enthralled. I have nothing but the highest regard for Jai and his ability to continue to deliver session after session an outstanding class!!” -Simone

“Jairus is an awesome instructor..he can connect with the kids which love him so much..he sings with passion…i can see that he really loves what he does and the kids specially mine enjoys the class with him..” -Laura

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful class. Jai was always friendly, professional and courteous. He made each and every baby feel special. It was a pleasure attending his classes.” -Tanya